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Dreamt of becoming Celebrity Hairstylist!

How many of you have dreamt of becoming a celebrity hairstylist? Wishing to work with your favorite STARS in the entertainment industry!? Probably most of you, that’s why your reading this. I’m going to give you some hints on what it takes to work with a Celebrity and what to look out for. Do's and Dont's

Number one you always want to make sure that you're always prompt, but before all that, we’re going to take it a step back. The night before, you want to make sure that your styling kit is organized and set belt holster is prepared.

Secondly, when preparing kit you should determine what to pack based on who you’re servicing, or whether it's a house call for freelance work or if you’re going on set to work television/film. Lastly, your styling kit should always consist of combs, bobby pins (all assorted sizes), hairspray, dry shampoo, hair fibers, and make sure that you have shears - always be prepared for the unexpected. Of course never leave with out your Vu Le Carré holster


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