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Our Story 

      As a Celebrity Hairstylist with over twelve years of experience that includes working with CBS Network, Fox Network and on numerous awards shows, Le'Ana understands the life of a true artist. Through her career she has cultivated an unyielding commitment to excellence and it was this affinity for excellence that inspired her to create her first hairstylist utility belt. Originally, the luxury 'Set Walk' utility belt was designed for her to stand out amongst others in the industry; but while making her work experience efficient and effective. After seeing the great benefits of the luxury holster and receiving many compliments, and an encouraging discussion with her husband and years perfecting the design, she decided it was only right to share her product with the world.

     As a New Orleans native, Le'Ana delved deep into both her and the cities past. Determined to create a name that represents the city while also paying homage to its French roots, the name Vu Le Carré was born. The name derives from the word Vieux Carré the cities "central square", a term which represents New Orleans French quarters. Vu Le Carré which means "saw the square" is exactly what Le'Ana envisioned when beginning to design the very first luxury designer hairstylist holster "Set Walk". To quote Le'Ana," It was important for me to create something that I felt connected too, something that displayed confidence and professionalism when a hair artists walks in the room". More than a brand, Vu Le Carré represents sophistication, authenticity, and New Orleans own.

   It takes only a moment to see the true value of Vu Le Carré. The high end yet accessible look guarantees that Vu Le Carré is destined to be an industry staple. Yet there is more to this brand than meets the eye, just ask LeAna Alexander the heart behind the brand. 


Crafting LeatherLuxury Leather Hairstylist Holster
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